the fellowship baptist, melkbosstrand

About us

Our Vision

Thousands going out daily into our world, overflowing the healing and refreshing of Jesus to the lost, the blind and broken-hearted

our values & Culture

We see our values as the spokes of a wheel that shapes and upholds the culture by which we are known in our city. If our values are askew, our culture will be warped. If our culture is warped, our values will be broken.

We value

  • Holy Spirit centered living – we acknowledge His leadership in all we do
  • The Word – God’s Word is our foundation of relationship with Him, and our measure of Christ-likeness
  • A church of overflow – we share God’s revelation with the greater Body
  • The Great Commission – we hear God, live the Gospel, and share Jesus as we go
  • Prayer – we hear and speak to God, and declare His truth in our lives
  • Worship – we let love flow back to God
  • Stewardship – we do not walk in fear of man, but give account to
    God for all entrusted to us
  • Love – we give as freely as we have received

We grow a culture that is known by

  • Fellowship – in unity, we intentionally connect with one another in doing life together
  • Open communication – we communicate in such a way that honour and build up one another
  • Honour – we recognise, acknowledge and encourage God’s call on every person
  • Obedience – based on our relationship with God, we submit every aspect of our lives in obedience to the Word of God
  • Serving – rooted in Christ, we enable others to go where they should go
  • Valuing God’s presence – we position ourselves before God and seek His presence with our whole heart
  • Growth – in this church we are expected to grow in Christ-likeness through the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Discipleship – we equip and impart to one another all things that pertain to life and godliness

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