The goal of The Fellowship’s worship ministry is to cultivate an atmosphere of worship wherever the family of God gather, so that in our personal lives we learn to demonstrate our love for God in all we say and do.

This ministry has several departments:


Musicians who would like to join The Fellowship’s worship ministry can sign up for our twice-annual music evaluations night. The process is as follows:

1.    INFO MEETING: Attend the evaluations information meeting (contact Garth for the next upcoming date). At this meeting, we will explain the vision of The Fellowship’s Worship Ministry and how our evaluations work

2.    SIGN-UP FORM: Complete the Evaluation Sign-up form and hand it in at the church office. Once you’ve done this, you will receive an email from Garth (garth@thefellowship.co.za) specifying the time that you are to arrive for your evaluation on the evening of your evaluation

3.    PRACTICE: Listen to and practice along with the backtracks for our two evaluation songs:

•    Here I can sing – track / lyrics and chords

•    Majestic God of light – track / lyrics and chords

4.    EVALUATION NIGHT: Rock up for your evaluation at the time we specified per email. Please arrive well in time – don’t be late and get yourself into a tail spin.

On the night of your evaluation, we will play the two songs above just as you heard them on our website. We will remove your instrument and/or vocals from the backtrack, so that you play as if you would with a live band.

Two professional musicians will sit in on your evaluation. We will not give you feedback on the night of your evaluation. Your evaluation will be recorded (sound and video), so that we can listen to it several times again afterwards.

5.    FEEDBACK: Within two weeks after your evaluation, you will receive an email with feedback on your evaluation. This email will let you know how we will move forward.

Thank you for your interest in the worship ministry!

Garth van Niekerk

cell: 073 202 5631