Prophetic Prayer

Welcome to the fellowship prophetic ministry

This ministry has been established under the Leadership guidance to be an encouragement and edification to you.

The history of  this ministry dates back to 2006 where in prayer meeting word of encouragement and edification were received by those in the prayer meeting.

After discussions and prayer with the leadership it was agreed that as a fellowship we needed to establish and train people to minister to the greater body, in understandings he prophetic, hearing God’s voice for one self as well as hearing God for others.

The ministry has taken on a few areas:

  1. Training people to hear God for themselves enabling them to walk in the spirit.
  • Through courses, payer meetings and discipleship
  1. Training people to walk in a prophetic capacity to hear God to build up and edification the body
  2. Having teams that love, minister and encourage individuals. This is in the form of a Friday appointment and an appointment in our destiny week.

The heart of the ministry is for people to encounter Jesus, the father and the Spirit. Our desire is that you will be woken up to the majesty, love and glory of God and that you will be woken to the destiny and purpose God has for you.

Notes: all prophetic words will be recorded, a copy will be sent to you and a copy will be kept on our records. We keep a record of all words for accountability sake.

Our members are all volunteers longing to see Jesus touch and disclose himself to each person we have the privilege to minister to.

Please note we may run a little late from time to time, please give us grace. Our desire is to Love and hear the Lord for each person. Sometime this does take longer than 30 min.

If you would like to donate to this ministry our bank details are as follows. Please put in your reference “prophetic ministry.”

Banking details:


Melkbos Baptist

Branch code: 632 005

Account number: 405 038 2957


What to do with a prophetic word

Just because you have received a prophetic word, does not necessary  mean that it will come to pass tomorrow. You as the received of the word have a responsibility in stewarding your word.

  1. Pray over the word and ask the Lord what needs to change in your life.

Ie. Spend more time in the Word of God, find a mentor

  1. Ask the Lord if there is any sin in your heart that stops you stepping into the word.

If you feel you might need inner healing or deliverance phone: 021 5533098 for an appointment.

  1. Ask the Lord for time frames.

Many people are disappointed in the prophetic, because they have their own time frame, instead of waiting on the Lord for His timing. This causes one to put you trust in yourself and ability to make the word happen rather that waiting on God and putting your trust in his perfect wisdom and sovereignty.

  1. Chase Jesus, the father and the spirit with your whole heart. Don’t chase after the word you received. Spend time in Gods presence, train yourself in hearing the voice of the Lord, Learn to receive and enjoy his love learn to lord the written Word of God. So when the whisper comes to move in your prophetic word, you will be ready to move in the power f the Spirit.

The prophetic prayer ministry is headed up by Kerry Stewart together with a team of volunteers from the church. The aim of the ministry is to help the team and individuals to grow spiritually, hear the voice of God clearly and develop spiritual discernment.

It is a Holy Spirit led ministry and individuals are ministered to through prophetic word and scripture in private sessions.

On invitation the team also ministers at cell groups for 3-4 weeks to teach on how to hear Gods voice and to pray for each cell member. The group also minister at Holy Spirit Alpha days.

For more information or to book contact the church office on 021 553 3098;