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Healing from Ovarian Cysts

On Thursday 6 May 2021 I went to healing rooms – well not intentionally, I just went to church to be part of the worship team for the evening.

My initial plans for the evening looked very different.

God changed the plans

I had a work women’s event scheduled in Paarl for the Thursday evening but 10 days before the event there was this small voice in my head urging me to postpone until later in the year. Yes, it was covid and cold but that was not the reason. At the time it did not make any sense but over years I have learned not to always question but to simply just trust that I heard correctly.

When Garth asked me very last minute if I would be able to join the worship team for the evening, I was very excited to be available. We had an amazing time leading worship and being in His presence.

The hour went quickly and during the last song, I suddenly had the realisation that I had to go for prayer. By this time the team was no longer waiting for new people but I had to walk off the stage and knock on the door.

I explained that I was struggling with ovarian cysts and not prepared to take the hormone medication because of severe side effects in the past. The team prayed for me for and even though I can not remember the exact words I know that they specifically prayed for it to go in Jesus name and for complete alignment in my hormones and body.  I left refreshed but did not experience any physical signs.

A step of Faith leading to leaps of Joy

Weeks went by and I realised that the pain was gone – the time came that I had to go back to my gynaecologist for my check up to see if there was any change after the medication I was supposed to take.

The cyst was completely gone. God healed me and use the obedience of the team that stepped out in faith praying for me. This is not the first time I have experienced healing through their prayers and one of many times God healed me. Without a doubt, I know that it is His will for me to walk in perfect health.

I now know that for that date and time, God had an appointment with me and it was so much better than what I had planned.

A big thank you to everyone on the team for the anointing you carry, for showing up, for believing, for listening. May God continue to use you to bring healing to His beloved children.


Tania De Clerk

Tania De Clerk


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